Komrad German Shepherds


Bangor Ch Show 10Sept2016

Super results with;

Komrad Makon Jnr Ch = BestDog&GreenStarDog

Ch Komrad Ka'Boom = Best of Breed & GStar

KomradKa'Prix(@5months ) achieves=BestPuppyinBreed

Very Proud of all our babies!!
Huge Congratulations to Angie Rainey & Komrad Makon
Newtownards Canine Club Open Show
17 July 2016

Newtownards Ch Show 8th May 2016

Komrad Makon is 1st Place Junior Dog &

gains the title,

'Junior Champion'!

We are so proud of his achievement & congratulate his owner,

Angie Rainey!

(Photo courtesy of Eddie Brackenridge)

German Shepherd Dog Club Championship

Breed Show

24 April 2016

Judge = Shirley Hutchinson ( Mascani GSD)

Komrad Makon achieves = 1st Place Junior Dog & is

 Graded Excellent!
Portadown Canine Club & Banbridge Canine Club
Championship Shows
!6/17 April 2016
Ir Ch Komrad Ka'Boom K.C. Pbeg EX is awarded Best Dog & Green Star Dog at both shows!

Komrad Makon - is awarded 1st Place Junior Dog & Res-Green Star Dog at both Shows!

Mrs M. Osthund-Holmsten &
Mrs. D Robinson
Cruft's  2016  -  Komrad Makon & Angie Rainey achieve a Great 3rd Place in Junior Dog & 3rd Place in Good Citizens Dog!

Photo by kind permission  of Neill Sumner Photography
Ka'Boom achieves Very Highly Commended in the Open Dog Class-where he was the only Long Coat!

Photo by kind permission  of Neil Sumner Photography

Dublin Dog Show 28. Dec 2015

Ka'Boomm is 1st Open Dog &

Green Star Dog

( subject to IKC confirmation)

Ka'Boom achieves IRISH CHAMPION Status!

We are very proud of our gorgous boy!

& Congrats to Komrad Makon & Angie Rainey = 2nd

Junior Dog

Judge = Mr M Drennan

WellDoneAngie&Kaizer(KomradMakon) achievingyourSilverKCGoodCitizensAwardat11Months
IKC Int. Show 3rd Oct. 2015

Komrad Makon achieves 2nd place Junior Dog Graded Excellent

Judge Tino Peher

IKC Int. Show 4th.Oct.2015

Komrad Makon achieves 1st. Place Junior Dog - Best Dog
Green Star Dog
Wahoo at the age of 9 months we are so proud of Kaizer & Angie Rainey!!
Judge Dr. Marlene Collins

SupertestresultsKomradMakon,HipsScored=5  Elbows=0  TestedPituitaryDwrfism=Clear!

(Photo courte
sy of Eddie Brackenridge)

Belfast Championship Show 27th. Sept. 2015

Komrad Makon achieves a FAB 1st. Place Puppy Dog

Huge Congratulations to his owner, Angie Rainey

Breed Specialist Judge = Netty Kirby- Eng.


Bangor Championship Show August 2015

Congratulations to Angie Rainey & Komrad Makon

1st Puppy Dog &

Best Puppy in Breed!

Graded VP

Latharna Open Show 4th July 2015

Congratulations to Komrad Makon & Angie 

Best Puppy in Breed - Group1 &

final 4 for Best Puppy in Show 


1st Place Puppy Stakes

Graded VP

Thank you to Handler 

Mandy Niell

Not forgetting Dad - Mascani Ludwig who was 1st Open Dog & Res BoB!

'21 June 2015' at the Ulster German Shepherd Dog Club
Komrad Monza( Dixie) & Jamie( aged 11) - Komrad Mayhem ( Basil) & Lorraine - Komrad Makon         ( Kaizer )& Angie Rainey -
chieving their Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizens Award all aged only 6 Month
We are so proud of you all!
Pups by
Mascani Ludwig 'KC P Beg Ex'  B.H. x  Conbhairean Ellie 'Beg Ex'  B.H.

Komrad Monza ( Dixie) & Jamie, Proudly owned by all the Graham family!


                I.K.C. Celtic Winners- St Pats Day Show - Dublin 2012

WOW - What a day for all of us with great results all round;


Conbhairean Ellie  = 1st Puppy Bitch  Graded V.P.


Mascani Ludwig ( Rory) = !st. Intermediate Dog - Graded Excellent.


Mascani Kandi  = 1st. Open Bitch - Graded Excellent - Green Star - Best of Breed &


Placed 4th in Group

( Our thanks to Steven Nugent for handling today)

Mascani Kandi

                        Banbridge Champ Show Belfast 15-April 2012

WOW Conbhairean Ellie achieves 1st Puppy Bitch & Res Green Star at the age of 9 months!



Mascani Ludwig = 2nd place Intermediate Dog!

                          ULSTER GSD Club Champ Show 12-Apr 2012

Mascani Ludwig achieves 1st. Place Intermediate Dog &




Conbhairean Ellie achieves 2nd Place Puppy Bitch


under Specialist Breed Judge - Anders Eriksson - Sweden

         Hibernian Champ Show - Dublin  19 May 2012

3 firsts for the gang on this outing


Mascani Ludwig = 1st Inter Dog


Mascani Kandi    = 1st Open Bitch


Conbhairean Ellie= 1st Puppy Bitch



Judge Mr D Manton

                   Ards & District Champ Show 13/5/2012

Mascani Kandi   - 1 st Open Bitch &


Mascani Ludwig -  2 nd Intermediate Dog

Judge Mr Lundvisk - Denmark

    G.S.D Club of N. Ire. - Breed Show 20-May 2012

WOW A fab day out for the team, with Mascani Kandi - Best in Show


Mascani Ludwig - 1st Yearlig Dog  &  Conbhairean Ellie - 2nd puppy Bitch

Judge  Breed Specialist  Sue Belfield - England


       Southern Counties Champ Show 3rd June 2012

WOW  Mascani Kandi is awarded her 2 nd C.C. & is Best of Breed - Judge = Mr Andrew Connolly

Huge thanks to Hazel Doherty for handling Kandi to her B.O.B.!


    *    NEWS FLASH   MASCANI KANDI                       U.K. CHAMPION!!!!!!!    *

Three Counties Champ Show, Malvern - 9 June 2012 -


Judge Nikki Farley

Mascani Kandi receives her 3rd C.C. & Becomes



          Swords & District Champ Show 16 June 2012

Conbhairean Ellie = 1st Puppy Bitch in her last show at puppy level &


Mascani Ludwig is 2nd. Intermediate Dog   Judge  Ms B Kremser

  Nat. Working & Pastoral Breeds Soc. Show14- 8-12

Mascani Kandi achieves 1st Open Bitch & is awarded Bitch C.C. no 4  Judge - Mr M Robinson


                 Good Citizens Scheme  24- June -2012

Ellie passes her 'Bronze' Good Citizens   &   Rory passes his 'Silver' good citizens award!


                   Newtownards Open Show 29 July 2012

Great wee day at Ards show, with


Willowdale rory 1st Open Dog  handled by Kerry Scott


Mascani Ludwig  1st Intermediate Dog &



Conhairean Ellie 1st Junior Bitch & Best of Breed  Judge  - Ms P Sewell

                     Bangor & North Down Ch  Show 11.Aug. 2012

Mascani Ludwig is 1st Open Dog - Green Star -BoB & Group 4

with Conbhairean Ellie 1st Junior Bitch

Judge Mr. Timmons

National 2 Day Show - Irvine, Scotland 6th Aug 2012 Judge Mr. Karl Otto Ojala

WoW !!! Mascani Kandi is awarded BEST IN SHOW



& receives her 5th C.C.!

& Conbhairean Ellie is awarded 4th Place Junior Bitch!

       S.K.C. Ch Show 26 Aug. 2012

Mascani Kandi is awarded 1 st Open Bitch & her


6 th C.C.

Pic by Mandy Mcateer - Handled by Hazel Doherty


We had a great night at the annual awards do, & picked up trophies for all of our show team last year!


With a 'Special'  presentation to Ch Mascani Kandi, upon becoming UK Champion last year  &  We were also delighted to be presented with the 'Top Kennel' Trophy going to KOMRAD G.S.D.

( Louise & Lorraine with the 'Top Kennel' Trophy)

Bangor Dog Club- Obedience Comp. 3rd. March 2013

We had a fab day at our FIRST outing to an Obedience Show with;


Mascani Ludwig  ( Rory)    = 1st Place in Pre-Beginners &


Conbhairean Ellie - a Close   =2nd Place !!







We are so proud of our dogs today  &  are delighted with our start to Obedience competition!


                      Ards Int Ch Show Obedience 11.5.14

Mascani Ludwig achieves 1st 'A' Class & Ch Mascani Kandi achieves 3rd Place !  Judge = Mr G Paisley


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