Komrad German Shepherds


Komrad Mayhem

Mascani Ludwig 'PBeg.Ex' B.H.  x  Conbhairean Ellie  'BegEx'  B.H.

DOB 15 December 2014

Heamophilia Tested - Normal

K.C. Bronze Good Citizens Award at 6 Months!
K.C. Silver Good Citizens Award at 11 Months!


Irish Ladies Assoc. Championship Show 11. July 2015

Komrad Mayhem achieves 1st Place Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Breed!

Graded VP
Judge Mr M Prior


Carlow Champ Show 19 Sept. 2015

Komrad Mayhem achieves 1st. Place Puppy Dog &
Best Puppy Dod

Graded VP
Judge Ms Wallshall Robins

 Champion Komrad Ka'Boom

 Champion K
omrad Ka'Boom B.H.

 'P Beg EX'

Championship Show 1st Place Open Dog

12 Green Stars &

 Best of Breed Winner!

3 x  C.A.C.I.B. Winner

B. H. Undar Herr Harald Hohmann SV

Kennel Club Gold Good Citizen

Boomer vom Polarstern x UK Champion Mascani Kandi

DOB 19.11.2012

DNA Tested

Heamophillia Normal

Hips = 11

Elbows 0/1

Ka'Boom=Very Highly Commended in Open Dog- theonly Long Coat in the Class!
Photo by Neil Sumner Photography

Lorraine & Ka'Boom ( aged only 9 mths) -achive a fab - 2nd Place in Pre Beginners - at their first obedience show!!!  Well done Team!!!!

                              BRITISH SIEGER SHOW  2013

Ka'Boom achieves a third Place Long Coat Puppy Title & is graded V.P. by S.V. Judge = Herr Leonhard Schweikert  -  Ha also too part in his sire's Progeny Group which achieved 1st Place!!!

Ka'Boom - to right of podium no 54, with his sire 'Boomer vom Polarstern'!


   Belfast Dog Sho Soc. Obedience 28 & 29 Sept. 13

Pre. Beginners = Ka'Boom & Lorraine achieve a 4th & a 2nd Pace on Saturday & Sunday - Well done team!!

Komrad Ka'Boom & sister Karla achieve their K.C. GOLD Good Citizens Award





                     Ards Ch Show 12 May 2013

Ka'Boom visits his friend Orrlene on the  Guide Dog N.I. Stand




U.G.S.D.C. Championship Show April 2015
Ka'Boom achieves Green Star & Best of Breed
Judge = Nikki Farley

Graded Excellent
ILKA Champ Show 2015
Komrad Ka'Boom achieves
Green Star Dog & Best of Breed

Bangor Champ Show 5th Sept 2015

Ka'Boom is Best Dog & Green Star Dog

Graded Excellent

Judge = Ms J Wall


Carlow Champ Show 19 Sept 2016

Ka'Boom achieves  2nd. Open Dog &

Reserve Green Star!

Graded Excellent

Judge Ms Wallshall Robins


IKC Int.Show1 - 3rd Oct.2015

Ka'Boom achieves 1st. OpenDog & Best Dog in Breed

Green Star Dog & CACIB Dog - Graded EX

Judge Tino Perer!

IKC Int. Show 2 - 4th Oct.2015

Ka'Boom achieves 1st. Open Dog & Best of Breed

Sreen Star Dog & CACIB Dog-Graded EX

Judge Dr Marlene Collins!
Mascani Ludwig B.H. K.C.PBegEX
Elbows 0
Hips 13
Heamophillia Normal
DNA Tested

Breed Surveyed = 1

Cruft's 2012

Mascani Ludwig - handled by Louise - achieves 3 rd place - Yearling Dog!

Photo by kind permission of Claire Davies

                  Combinded Inter Champ Show 7-Apr-2012

Mascani Ludwig - 3rd place Intermediate Dog = Gr Ex

            I.K.C.  Celtic Winners Ch Show 17-Mar-2012

     Mascani Ludwig - handled by Louise Dunn achieves 1st. place Intermediate dog! Graded Excellent!

        Banbridge Champ Show - Belfast - 15 April 2012

Mascani Ludwig achieves 2nd place Intermediate Dog - Judge Mr J Mravik

      Ulster German Shepherd Dog Club Breed Champ Show 22 Apr 2012

Mascani Ludwig acieves a magnificent 1st Place Intermediate Dog - under Specialist Judge  Anders Eiksson - Sweden




                              Ards & District Ch Show 13/5/2012

Mascani Ludwig  2nd Intermedite Dog

                  Hibernian Champ Show Dublin  19-May 2012

Mascani Ludwig achieves - 1st. Intermediate dog

Jugde Mr D Manton

         G.S.D. Club of N.I.  Open Show  20-May -2012

Mascani Ludwig achieves  - 1st  Yearling dog  - under breed specialist judge  Sue Belfield


       Newtownards Open Show 29 July 2012

Mascani Ludwig 1st Place Intermediate  Dog  - Judge  MsP Sewell

      Bangor  North Down Ch Show 11 . Aug 2012

Mascani Ludwig is awarded 1st. Open Dog -Green Star - & BoB & Group 4


                 Swords & District Champ Show  16- 6 -2012

Mascani Ludwig achieves 2nd Intermediate Dog    Judge Ms B Kresmer

                              Navan Ch Dog Show 18.8.12

Mascani Ludwig is 2nd. Intermediate Dog Judge J Poole

               Belfast Champ Show 30.Sept. 2012

Mascani Ldwig is awarded 1st place PGD - Judge Mr J Cullen

                                        Clonmel Ch Show 19.8.12

Mascani Ludwig is awaded 3rd place Intermediate Dog Judge - J Poole

                         Portadown Ch Show - Belfast 20.10.12


Mascani Ludwig is awarded  1st Open Dog & Green

Star Dog - Res Best of Breed!

Judge D Francis U.S.A.

           BANGOR DOG SHOW  2 MARCH 2013

Our first Obedience show & Rory Achieves 1 st place - Pre Beginners

 and achieves;

 Kennel Club - Pre Beginners Obedience Excellent


Judge  = Mary Power score = 1.5

                         Banbridge Ch -Show  - 14 Apr 2014

Mascani Ludwig achieves 3rd Place Open Dog  -  Judge = Mrs R Skadina

     Down Dist. K.C. Obedience Show 27 Apr 13

Mascani Ludwig is awarded 2nd Place Beginners  -  Judge J Brachi

                                         Ards Champ Show 12 5 13

Mascani Ludwig achieves 3rd Place Open Dog - Judge E Broadhurst


I.K.C. Obedience = Beginners- Rory is placed 2nd after a run off for first Place!

Judge = Ms. V. McPhillips

                Hibernian Champ Show 18/5/13

Rory achieves 4th Place Open Dog- Judge P Sewell

 Belfast Dog Sho Soc. Obedience 28 & 29 Sept. 13

Novice - & Rory achieves a Fab 3rd Place with Ellie in 5th from a field of 30!

             B.H. Test OG Craigantlet 12.10.13

Rory achieves B.H. !


  Castlereagh & District Dog Training Obedience Show 30/June /13

Beginners - Rory achieves a fab 1st Place - Judge = J Brachi

Novice -   Rory  achieves a 5th place!

          Ards Int Obed Show 11.5.14

Mascani Ludwig achieves 1st 'A' Class & Ch Mascani Kandi achieves 3rd Place ! Judge = Mr G Paisley

Mascani Ludwig achhieves 3rd Open Dog



IKC Int. Show's 3rd& 4th October 2015

Mascani Ludwig achieves 2nd place Open Dog on Both Days!


Bull Breeds All Breed Champ Show 26.Oct. 2015

Rory achieves 1st. Open Dog- Graded Ex.

Judge Mre M Mcally

Bull Breeds All Breed Champ Show 26.Oct.2015

Rory achieves 1st. Place Open Dog

Judge Mrs M McNally

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